Keep your accounts secure with Password Checkup

Password Checkup is a Chrome Extension officially released by Google and designed to help you protect all of your accounts.

The tool is very simple and works from your extension toolbar like most other Chrome Extensions.

  • Every time you log in to a site, Password Checkup kicks into action, scanning all password breaches that Google knows of for your information.
  • If your information does seem to appear in one of the breaches, the tool sends you an alert and recommends that you change your password.
  • The tool also makes it easy to keep track of whether your passwords are safe or not. When your passwords are secure, the extension logo appears green. When your passwords are at risk, the logo is red.

While helping you to find out when your personal information is at risk, Password Checkup also works to ensure that the information the tool itself contains remains secure.

Password Checkup is a low-resource tool that can easily save you from disastrous problems down the road. It’s a no-brainer to add to your tool belt. ~ Noel Cocca  


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: