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We’ve made it to the end of our 12 Days of Sourcing 2022 event, and it’s time to wrap it all up with a Q&A session. Ring in the New Year with us on January 6th!

Let’s admit it. Sourcing good software developers is hard. The tech industry is booming, and every other sector depends on technology to power operations. Which is not surprising so far. … Read more

A career in recruitment comes with an endless supply of routine tasks. Collecting CVs, processing application forms, responding to the candidates, having back and forth with the key decision-makers. We could… Read more

  Manage Phone Notifications and SMS with Pushbullet   This is a great productivity tool, if you get a lot of phone notifications but don’t want to keep picking up… Read more

Chrome Extension Infotelligent, is like a little web assistant that helps you research companies with one click.

Save paper & ink, and create print friendly pages from profiles   Here’s another productivity tool for you! We have a Chrome extension called Print Friendly and PDF.  What this… Read more

Mute those annoying desktop notifications!   This is a Chrome extension that allows you to get more done without distractions from desktop notifications. This is perfect for times when you’re doing… Read more

Improve your writing skills with the Linguix Chrome extension   Linguix is offered as a free browser extension for Chrome, as well as a web version, that uses AI to correct… Read more

  Save time and effort making lead connections with the Reach   Search Authority Dean Da Costa takes us through an inside look at the Reach, a Chrome extension tool… Read more

  Keep your accounts secure with Password Checkup Password Checkup is a Chrome Extension officially released by Google and designed to help you protect all of your accounts. The tool… Read more

“Help Wanted” Recruitment advertisement evolved from the early years of “Help Wanted” and “Vacancy Available” posters on the streets to ads in newspapers to internet ads. With the birth of… Read more

This post is a partial preview of my presentation on Money Ball for the Talent Function at #SHRM2017 in New Orleans this June. Turnover is at an all-time high and engagement… Read more

Look, I know everyone loves a great employee referral program and I get why. Candidates that are referred by current employees are hired quickly, already know something about the organization, stay… Read more

Next to “artificial intelligence,” “engagement” was all the rage at this year’s HR Technology Conference in Chicago last week. Evolution in technology and mobility has made interacting with employees in new… Read more

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