Save paper & ink, and create print friendly pages from profiles


Here’s another productivity tool for you! We have a Chrome extension called Print Friendly and PDF.  What this tool does, is right in the name. You can create a much more print friendly page right from this extension. It allows you to print, print to PDF, as well as email the page to yourself.

You can customize the sections if it pulls in things you don’t want printed as well, by deleting whatever you don’t want on there. It will automatically get rid of any ads from the page, as well as the navigation bar and footer information. Any links that are on the page will be saved in the PDF or email versions, so if you’re using this to print out someone’s resume or profile, that can be very useful.

This tool will work pretty much anywhere, and we think it’s great! This is also environmentally friendly, as it will help you save on paper and ink, if you’re doing a lot of print jobs. Highly recommended!

~ Noel Cocca

Look inside with Dean Da Costa: