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Top talent impacts the bottom line. Join Nadeem Shaikh, Senior Talent Sourcer of ResMed, and Mike Rasmussen, Senior Recruiter of LDS, to learn how to identify, analyze, and present data meaningfully, helping your organization hire and retain the best talent, as well as appeal to stakeholders.

Source Better and Faster with Webbtree We’ve got three questions for you: Do you want to get relevant candidate profiles based on your searches from across the web? How about… Read more

Enter Work Emails and Get Personal Contact Information with Swordfish Everyone prefers personal emails over work emails. That’s because when you want to get in touch with someone, you’re far… Read more

A career in recruitment comes with an endless supply of routine tasks. Collecting CVs, processing application forms, responding to the candidates, having back and forth with the key decision-makers. We could… Read more

Calculate cost of living with the free Numbeo tool   If you source or recruit for openings that require candidates to move, here is a tool that can help you… Read more

  Recruiterly: An All in One Recruitment Platform   Let’s get into a new tool that was released recently, called Recruiterly. Recruiterly is a recruitment marketplace, directory, and marketing platform that… Read more

  Match Jobs to Candidates with ZapInfo’s Talent Matching   Zapinfo has released a new feature that should help make your life easier. Especially in the event that you are… Read more

US Phonebook can find and validate contact information that you’re missing!     We have another site for you to use to find people! For all your sleuthing needs, US is… Read more

Never let a great resume slip past you with Tobu! Tobu is a great tool that takes resumes and inputs them into an easy to navigate the database. It saves… Read more

Find new clients with Pushleads!   We’re going to show you a brand new lead gen tool called Pushleads. The new tool is based out of the UK but uses… Read more

  Use Ally to stop manually copying and pasting from your search results!   It’s Tool Time! We have a brand new Chrome extension for you to check out called… Read more

  Use Xlek as another free tool to search for contact information   We have another free people search tool for you to use. This site is called Xlek, formerly… Read more

  Make sure your contact data is up to date as people change jobs and companies with Track   We have an intel tool that we would like to… Read more

  Source experts in any field by searching Expertise Finder’s University database   Did you know that top companies recruit directly from Universities? Amazon is one of these companies, and… Read more

Improve your writing skills with the Linguix Chrome extension   Linguix is offered as a free browser extension for Chrome, as well as a web version, that uses AI to correct… Read more

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