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Use Xlek as another free tool to search for contact information


We have another free people search tool for you to use. This site is called Xlek, formerly known as Cubib. Xlek allows you to search for people by name and location to find public records of addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and more!

Where do they get their information? The public data is sourced from all over. They pull from property records to patents, and it has all been collated and indexed for easy searching.

What would I use this for? Well, this would be most useful when you simply can’t locate contact information on one individual in particular, rather than hundreds, as there is no way to easily download the results. Our test drive found mostly good information, but some of it was outdated. So, some of the search results may not be the most up to date information, so double-check what you find!

That’s all folks! It’s easy, and it’s free. Xlek is another way to find people, information, and do what you’ve got to do. Look yourself up, your boss, or your significant other. Just note that Xlek prohibits using their site for nefarious means, so don’t go and steal anyone’s identity with this!

~ Noel Cocca


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