Make sure your contact data is up to date as people change jobs and companies with Track


We have an intel tool that we would like to talk about called Track Job Changes, formerly known as Inlistio. This tool has a lot of different applications, and the main function of the tool is job tracking. Rather, it can track people and their jobs. Upload people into the tool from your ATS or database and then see how often they change jobs, where they worked and where they go next.

When this example set was created, the people selected were all working at Boeing. Since then, you can see that a lot of them have left for other companies. This can show you patterns of where they are going, as well as get some insight into a lot of people suddenly leaving a company. Maybe they are being targeted for recruitment, and maybe there are other unhappy employees ready to leave. It allows you to keep updated on when people are leaving. Use this for your own employees that are leaving and see where they go next and how long they stay there. Track trends in employee turnover!

There’s a lot of intel that can be gathered from this tool, which is pretty neat. It’s also a great way to make sure your contact data is up to date as people change jobs and companies. You can set up your account to check once or twice per month for changes, and Track Job Changes will come back with any updates, including an updated email address! They will send a confidence score along with the information that shows how accurate they think the information is.


~ Noel Cocca

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