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Join us on Wednesday, December 14th, as we speak with JD “Xpert” Don Berman and RecruitingDaily’s William Tincup about the role HR will play in leading organizations through the predicted economic downturn, and how job description technology can be used effectively to consolidate, recruit, and retain.

Automation platform CEIPAL launched Apply Connect, a new integration with LinkedIn. The business network included the product as part of its ATS Integrations offering, which enables real-time job-postings and a… Read more

  Make sure your contact data is up to date as people change jobs and companies with Track   We have an intel tool that we would like to… Read more

Sourcible finds leads based on job openings and company   Sourcible is a very useful tool that allows you to search for certain job openings, find leads at those companies,… Read more

When we talk about experiences, what often pops into your mind is something magical or mythical. A vacation to a foreign land, a sci-fi book that takes place in a… Read more

Posting jobs is still a necessary evil in the recruiting world. Finding the best job boards is tough enough. Once you locate the job board you want to post on,… Read more

As an HR analyst at Software Advice, a company that connects businesses with recruiting software vendors, Erin Osterhaus frequently conducts market-research on recruiting and talent management technologies. Recently, Osterhaus wanted… Read more

You might not have heard of fastest growing online US job destination, but as Eric Owski, VP of Corporate Strategy at Bright freely admits that even with 7.5 million unique visitors… Read more

Where do you do as a recruiter to ensure you are providing a substantial slate of qualified candidates to your hiring teams but ensure that you are meeting diversity regulations? Do you do anything? We’ve all become familiar

Great new site that has recently been launched designed to help jobseekers prospect the hidden job market. Its called – The Hidden Job Report. Check itout. It’s free and full of great information.

Candidates will now search for jobs, click on posting summaries, and immediately be taken to your web site to both read the posting and apply to it. Think Google, where you search Google

If it’s free it’s for me. That seems to be the mantra these days. We’ve been getting a lot of questions around free resources not just for sourcing but for job posting as well. Here are 5 free job posting sites that I use to help spread the word of openings I am working.

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