Sourcible finds leads based on job openings and company


Sourcible is a very useful tool that allows you to search for certain job openings, find leads at those companies, and get in touch. The tool is more for sales leads than for recruiting, but it is a useful addition to any workflow.

For example, if you are trying to place individuals into jobs, Sourcible will help you find possible contacts so you can start reaching out that get the companies interesting in a candidate.

  • First, you create a search for hiring companies. You put in the role, skills, and location specific to your needs, and then Sourcible finds companies with open positions that match your search.
  • After you choose a company, you can click “Prospect” to search LinkedIn for relevant contacts from that company.
  • Once on LinkedIn, you can easily add leads you wish to pursue to Sourcible by simply clicking “Add.” Your new contacts are now easily accessible directly from the job search page in Sourcible, along with their contact information.
  • You can then send emails to these leads directly from within Sourcible. You can also use templates to easily reach out to many leads at a time, and even schedule follow-up emails.

This easy interface makes the task of finding leads much easier, and helps you stay organized at all levels of the process.

Sourcible works using both its site and a Chrome Extension together to easily link all aspects of your sales process. Though not directly meant for recruiting, it can also be a useful recruiting tool, especially if you are searching for higher-level candidates or recruiters.

Overall, it is a useful tool, and definitely one worth knowing about! ~Noel Cocca


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