Never let a great resume slip past you with Tobu!

Tobu is a great tool that takes resumes and inputs them into an easy to navigate the database. It saves you the tedious time and energy of manually checking the relevant information from each resume, and instead allows you to spend your time in more valuable ways.

You can upload resumes Tobu in any format, and it will do the heavy lifting, figuring out the structure of each resume and pulling the key information.

  • You can upload resumes in groups. With a free membership, you can upload up to 25 at a time (with unlimited overall uploads), but with a paid membership there are no limits.
  • Resumes are processed and appear on Tobu in a standard and easy to follow format. Sections such as Personal Details, Objectives, and Experiences are neatly laid out.
  • Quick summaries including name, contact information, current job title, and education appear on the left side of each profile, making it easy to get a feel for the candidate without reading the full resume.

You can also perform searches within Tobu, combing through your collecting of resumes for specific keywords, titles, and/or locations. You can also set this search to only comb through recent uploads, so you don’t waste time on resumes you received five years ago.

Tobu is user-friendly, extremely fast, and saves you valuable time. As a bonus, the free version of Tobu will be plenty for many workflows. If not, however, the paid versions are reasonably priced. Try it out, and never let a great resume slip through the cracks. ~ Noel Cocca  


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