Use Ally to stop manually copying and pasting from your search results!


It’s Tool Time! We have a brand new Chrome extension for you to check out called Ally. So brand new, it’s not even out for public use just yet! You can sign up to get early access and be added to their waitlist. This tool is really going to save you time when saving profiles and candidates from your search results.

What this tool does, it takes search results and can extract pertinent data into a format that’s easier to read, manipulate, and use. Automate, instead of manually copying and pasting data from your search results!

Just pop open the extension from a search results page, and choose the options that best fit your needs. There will be multiple choices available as suggestions for extraction, or you can customize the mapping based on what you are looking for. Within the table preview display, you can even name the columns, add/delete items, or add tags for additional mapping locations.

Save and name your customized maps for use later on! Once the data looks the way you want, you can save the lists, copy the data, or save it as a CSV file for further manipulation. It’s a great little tool, and it’s pretty easy to figure out. Use it on targeted site searches or within LinkedIn to grab names, emails and profile links!


~ Noel Cocca

Look inside with Dean Da Costa: