PRO Unlimited launched Total Talent Intelligence, or TTI, which it describes as a talent intelligence solution that expands on its existing IWM platform and leverages the company’s database of market rate, salary and talent intelligence.

TTI comprises two solutions, PRO Unlimited said: Pay Intel, which allows businesses to price talent anywhere in the world, and Talent Intel, which gives organizations access to comprehensive data on the talent landscape. The company said these solutions will help executives make strategic hiring and retention decisions, and will assist businesses in taking a strategic approach to building contingent and full-time workforces.

The product’s insights can help organizations accelerate their time-to-fill rates for high-demand positions, reduce overall program costs and meeting diversity, equity and inclusion goals by highlighting previously unknown talent pools, the company said.

Dustin Burgess, PRO Unlimited’s senior vice president of Total Talent Intelligence, pointed out that the labor landscape is rapidly changing. Having access to real-time data and analytics will aid recruiters and executives as they identify trends and use them in their decision-making, he said.

The platform’s data ocean is made up of over 205 billion data points. TTI continuously mines over 40,000 sources across 160 countries to provide detailed information on the talent landscape.

Tool for Uncertain Times

In a statement provided by PRO Unlimited, Christopher J. Dwyer, senior vice president of research at Ardent Partners and managing director of the Future of Work Exchange, said he believes TTI will become a crucial tool for talent engagement and sourcing as businesses face continued uncertainty in terms of talent.

“A volatile labor market directly translates into a need for business leaders to harness the power of intelligence to execute critical talent-based decision-making,” he said.

In February, PRO Unlimited announced a partnership with Ceridian to broaden its Worker Experience solution by offering Dayforce Wallet, Ceridian’s pay-on-demand product. The companies said Dayforce Wallet would give non-employee workers more control over their compensation by providing rapid access to earned net pay whenever employees need it.

By Solomon O.

Solomon is a staff writer for RecruitingDaily and The HCM Technology Report.


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