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Calculate cost of living with the free Numbeo tool


If you source or recruit for openings that require candidates to move, here is a tool that can help you collect data. Numbeo is a new tool that helps people with relocating. It’s a cost of living calculator. It’s also free!

Put in a location and find the monthly estimate costs for a family of four, a single person, as well as the comparison to New York prices and the city’s rank and COL Index. The tool also provides a breakdown of individual average costs of dining out, rent, grocery items, and utilities.

Comparing between two locations to decide on a move? Use their comparison tool and discover the difference in the cost of living between two locations. The tool will provide a breakdown of rent, utilities, consumer prices, groceries, and more.


Other Comparisons

Numbeo also provides data for comparisons on quality of life, crime, health care, pollution, traffic, and property prices.

The data comes from government data as well as crowdsourced data. Overall, this is a useful tool for relocation, or even if you’re just planning a trip.

Plus, it’s free. Check it out!


~ Noel Cocca


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