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    Part 4: ATS Integrations In our survey and discussions with TA leaders across multiple industries, we asked one question phrased up as “How important is integration with current… Read more

    Part 3: ATS Request For Proposals Over half of our survey respondents said they would use an RFP process in their next ATS purchase, which is broadly in… Read more

      Almost every time we talk about RPO with c-level executives, the first thing they want to know is how AI fits into the solution. True, there’s a… Read more

  Part 2: ATS Switching When we conducted surveys and conversations with talent acquisition leaders across a variety of industries, one of the questions was “How long have you had… Read more

  Somewhere north of 90% of the Fortune 500 uses an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Makes logical sense, of course: at that type of scale and hiring needs, having a… Read more

If you’re running a small to mid-sized business, building, tracking, and managing an effective recruitment stack on a budget can be challenging. Especially when you’re competing with organizations with hundreds… Read more

  Use Ally to stop manually copying and pasting from your search results!   It’s Tool Time! We have a brand new Chrome extension for you to check out called… Read more

  Talent Acquisition Movers, Shakers, & News Breakers – December 2019, Part 2 The last few weeks of the year provide us with the opportunity to reflect on everything that… Read more

  Use Xlek as another free tool to search for contact information   We have another free people search tool for you to use. This site is called Xlek, formerly… Read more

Source top candidates with the Microsoft MVP database!   Microsoft has done us a huge favor and published their MVP or Most Valuable Professional list. These are people that are… Read more

  Hiring the right candidate involves more than just assessing their technical skills and knowledge. Competencies play a crucial role in determining how successful a candidate will be at your… Read more will show you the most and least diverse companies Let’s talk about This is a great site that we really should be paying more attention to. We… Read more

Save paper & ink, and create print friendly pages from profiles   Here’s another productivity tool for you! We have a Chrome extension called Print Friendly and PDF.  What this… Read more

  Finally. The quiet period. Well, relatively quiet. Overall, it’s been an exceptional year in HR technology and recruiting, thanks to low unemployment, a growing interest in initiatives like diversity… Read more

Swordfish can help you use Facebook groups for sourcing   One of the biggest untapped resources for sourcing are Facebook Groups. There are so many of these groups available, and… Read more

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