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Remote Employees: Productivity, Perceptions, and Perks In an ever-changing digital workplace, the office itself may become the latest to go obsolete. Recent research suggests more than 40 percent of workers have worked… Read more

Sourcing vs AI – Who Will Prevail? Artificial intelligence will replace Sourcers within five years. The battle will be sourcing vs AI, and AI will win. Unless Sourcers do something about… Read more

Most people don’t understand autism. The word itself is an umbrella term, referring to a complex spectrum of developmental disorders. Some forms are more severe than others, but there is… Read more

Sourcing Data scientists The world is awash with a lot of data. Much of this data is unstructured. Some of it has structure, but to analyze the data would require… Read more

Understanding Hiring Funnel Metrics Can Land You Your Next Hire We thought recruiting was tough just a few months ago when unemployment was at a record low. Recruiters can now… Read more

U.S. Workers Stay Put… And Seek Second Incomes The COVID-19 pandemic has made American workers conservative. Most of them plan to stay where they are since they don’t believe new… Read more

What’s Next for AI Recruiting? Over the last few years, the growing presence of AI in recruiting has been hotly debated. Almost everyone in the talent acquisition space has an… Read more

Opening the Kimono on Natural Language  The working world is rife with clichés, repeated ad nauseam in meetings, thought leadership, and the like. You hear things about peeling back the… Read more

Is Sourcing or Recruiting Right for You? When I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2016, I thought that the four years prior would give me definitive clarity as… Read more

Fireside chat with William Tincup & Randy Womack of Socrates Those of you that know me, know that I love talking about the candidate experience and in particular the micro… Read more

How Your Recruitment Strategies Need to Change During COVID-19 COVID-19 has dramatically changed the world in a very short space of time. This has shaken us all and the result… Read more

Recruitment Marketing Blackjack Automating everyday tasks throughout the recruiting process gives recruiters more time to focus on what only they can do – identifying the hottest candidates and then having… Read more

  Potholes Appear in Virtual Hiring Employers are hiring. Not a lot, but they’re hiring. And even though more than 38 million people are now on the job market, recruiters… Read more

Four Simple Ways Your Business Can Help Employees Cope With business leaders focused on immediate problems – cash flow, the practicalities of remote or distanced working, when and how to… Read more

Why You Should Share Employee Stories Right Now Talking to candidates about what’s happening at your company right now (in the midst of the pandemic, as everything changes rapidly) is… Read more

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