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All about web development specialists for IT Recruiters

All about web development specialists– for IT recruiters

All about web development specialists– for IT Recruiters.   We’re staying in the web development area. You can check out my...

Web development: Frontend vs backend

Frontend vs Backend

On the Web: Frontend vs Backend It’s time for another technical discussion. This is a rather pleasant subject called the frontend. In...

IT Recruiting Tech

Levels Of Testing For IT Recruiters – Part 2

  In my previous post, I was talking about testing in general and understanding the difference between test position descriptions....

Dev Ops Testing IT Recruiting Guide

Guide For IT Recruiters: Types of Tests

  Perhaps you have had a similar experience. Your manager brings you a new job from a client. We need a tester! ASAP! Pronto, pronto,...

recruiters understanding Information Technology

About Testing For IT Recruiters

  When I started working as an IT recruiter I had absolutely no IT knowledge, whatsoever. The truth is I did not have the faintest...

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