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The Importance of Nurturing Internal Talent Pipelines As we all know, we’re living in extremely unusual circumstances. With many people affected in health, economic or other terms by COVID-19. We’ve… Read more

New Swordfish update adds business email enrichment Here’s an addition to a tool that’s already the best on the market. Another Swordfish update is here, and they keep adding more… Read more

Fireside chat with William Tincup & Adam Gordon, CEO of Candidate.ID I’ve known Adam Gordon for 150 years mostly through his activity via LinkedIn and Facebook. He’s the type of… Read more

The Unemployment Error   If you are like me, you keep close tabs on the employment market. For years the BLS unemployment data is something I have taken into intake… Read more

Check out Rectxt for Candidate SMS Messaging Here’s a new texting tool for you to take a look at. Rectxt is a candidate SMS tool that works either inside your… Read more

The Case for National Talent Pools The average practitioner in the talent acquisition world is not always privy to the technology that supports it.  Recruiters and Sourcers rarely get a… Read more

Attracting and Retaining Neurodiverse Talent Let’s get a little deeper into neurodiverse talent. Neurodiversity refers to the infinite range of human behavioral traits and brain function. These workers are highly… Read more

Try this New Org Chart Generation Tool for Free We are going to talk about a brand new free tool called Chartloop that was brought to our attention! Hey, we… Read more

Frontend vs Backend


On the Web: Frontend vs Backend It’s time for another technical discussion. This is a rather pleasant subject called the frontend. In small steps, I’ll try to explain what you… Read more

Will a Larger Salary Make Your Candidates Happier? When times are tough, we often believe the answer to all our problems is gaining more money. Recruiting often sees candidates bypass… Read more

Candidate Segmentation and the CRM There are countless reasons to love your CRM as a talent acquisition professional.  There is an obsessive beauty in gathering leads for a specific industry… Read more

Recruiting Automation Technology Poised to Grow Post-COVID As employers in the country start to shift their thoughts to a return to work, a new way of recruiting is poised to… Read more

A company’s unique environment can allow them to be internally successful. Employee satisfaction is high and productivity follows suit. On the other hand, a company that does not offer an… Read more

5 Ways to Decrease Hiring Costs When the Economy Reopens One of the critical challenges that businesses will face as the 2020 economy reopens will be recruiting and hiring new… Read more

Virtual Technology and Candidate Experience Aren’t the Same Things How employers treat the workforce matters, even when the labor market’s crowded. Business conditions always change, after all, so today’s flood… Read more

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