Rectxt candidate sms

Check out Rectxt for Candidate SMS Messaging

Here’s a new texting tool for you to take a look at. Rectxt is a candidate SMS tool that works either inside your existing ATS or you can use right in a browser window since it works through a Chrome extension.


Some highlights:

  • Integration with your ATS – RecTXT will highlight candidate phone numbers on any ATS, CRM, or website for quick importing.
  • Send individual messages or create a campaign – Campaigns are messages sent to a large number of candidates. You can add your contacts in the candidates tab, or pull them from your ATS system.
  • Keep your phone number private – The tool provides you with a new phone number from any area code in the US or Canada, so you aren’t sending mass text messages from your personal phone number. As in the demo below, you will see the relay works pretty fast.



This tool is something we recommend. As for pricing, there is a special deal due to the pandemic, where they are offering ‍2 months of their unlimited plan at no cost.

Check out their site for more details on this.

~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: