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Hiring an appropriate fit for a company requires a lot of time and brainstorming. Hiring managers have a great responsibility to choose from hundreds of options for a single position…. Read more

More job seekers in the U.S. are applying for jobs in the same way they shop for products and services online — through their mobile device. During 2021, 67% of… Read more

Check out Rectxt for Candidate SMS Messaging Here’s a new texting tool for you to take a look at. Rectxt is a candidate SMS tool that works either inside your… Read more

Sync your texts from your phone to your desktop! This is one of the new play tools we really love! MightyText allows you to access as well as send your mobile texts… Read more

  Windows 10 now includes an application to sync your phone’s texts, photos, and notifications!   Windows now offers an application called Your Phone. This application is free to download… Read more

How long has the recruiting industry been saying, “This is finally the year of mobile”? I’ll put it at roughly 2008. The combination of a risk-averse customer, timing and legacy systems… Read more

If you attended the HR Technology Conference in Chicago earlier this month, there were two buzzwords you heard more than once if you visited the expo hall: Engagement and A.I…. Read more

A recently launched app, tilr, hopes to make finding new employees as easy as swiping right on Tinder. It is the brainchild of Carisa Miklusak and Summer Crenshaw, both formerly… Read more

The last time they counted, there were 53 million people doing freelance work in the U.S., which is roughly 34 percent of the entire workforce. People who freelance contribute an estimated… Read more

“I fucking hate apps.” To say I was taken aback when Enboarder CEO Brent Pearson, a former Monster executive, said this during a product demo of his solution – touted in a… Read more

Selling stuff to HR isn’t easy. It’s a market filled with people who are inundated with phone calls, are risk averse and budget constrained. Not a good recipe for quick… Read more

You’re not going to use this app. Why? Because it’s targeting very small businesses. Historically, this is a market that recruiting technology vendors fear to tread. But, like a honey badger, ipply “don’t… Read more

For the past few weeks now, I have been testing out a new mobile recruiting tool called TextRecruit. I don’t say this about many tools and sourcing technologies, but I’ve… Read more

With over 5,000 staffing firms and more than 200,000 recruiters relying on their software as their core applicant tracking and management system, Bullhorn has established itself as the clear frontrunner… Read more

Want to know what more about your corporate mobile readiness?  iMomentous put out this great infographic:   Thanks to Ed Newman, VP of Strategy, iMomentous for sharing this infographic.  Want… Read more

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