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PreContact Tool now with integrated Talent Pools


PreContactTool is a Chrome extension that allows you to find the contact details for a person’s LinkedIn profile page. It works really well, but you were restricted to finding information one at a time. Well, now they have released a new feature called Talent Pools.


How does it work?

Like the rest of the tool, it is LinkedIn centric. Go through LinkedIn to find people you want contact information for. Then just click “add profile to talent pool” in the extension.

After you’ve built your list, click on Fetch Contact information. When the data is ready, you will get an email with the results. It still uses the same tool to find the contact information, but now you get to locate them en masse. Saving you both time and effort.

You get 5 free credits per month for free, and additional credits are reasonably priced. To use this, you will need an account. Sign up for an account on their website, and then install the extension.

~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: