What’s one incentive that could motivate internal recruiters to hit their hiring objectives? To find out, we asked recruitment experts and business leaders to share their best ideas. From points-based recognition to teamwork, we discovered several incentives that work well in the world of talent acquisition. 

Points-Based Recognition

Points-based recognition is a great way to motivate internal recruiters to hit their targets. By awarding points for every successful hire, you create a system of motivation that encourages your team to work hard and achieve results. Points can be redeemed for prizes, bonuses or days off, providing a tangible way to reward your top performers.

Additionally, points can be used to create leaderboards and friendly competition among your team members. By tracking progress and publicly sharing results, you create an environment of accountability that ensures everyone is working toward the same goal. Points-based recognition is an effective way to motivate internal recruiters and help your business reach its hiring goals.

Antreas Koutis
Administrative Manager, Financer

Vacation Days

Tightening purse strings make incentives for internal recruiters a hot debate topic for many businesses. However, most agree that incentives do much to improve retention, although they may not have much of an impact on target goals. Good internal recruiters are likely going to hit those without incentives, but one possible incentive is to add an extra vacation day for hitting quarterly targets or some extra time at the end of the year for meeting goals.

Baruch Labunski
CEO, Rank Secure


As any HR professional knows, finding the right candidate for a job can be a challenge. Not only do you need to find someone with the right skills and experience, but you also need to make sure that they’re a good fit for your company’s culture. That’s why it’s important to have a strong team of internal recruiters who are motivated to find the best candidates for each role. One way to incentivize internal recruiters to hit their hiring objectives is to offer a bonus for every successful hire.

Bonuses not only provide an incentive for recruiters to find the best candidates, but they also help to ensure that your company is getting the talent it needs to be successful. In addition, you can also offer other incentives such as free lunch or tickets to a ball game for each successful hire. By offering these incentives, you’ll motivate your internal recruiters to find the best candidates for each role and help your company find the talent it needs to be successful.

Jim Campbell, Founder
Wizve – Digital & Affiliate Marketing Agency


I’ve led my share of recruiters over the past several years and I’ve tried out numerous individual and team initiatives to entice people to hit their goals. Some were successful and most failed miserably. What most people are seeking in this post-Covid — I mean present-day Covid – era is freedom and flexibility. Why not try out something new to incentivize your team? Maybe something like the first recruiter to hit their hiring objectives will be able to create their schedule for the following month. Could be a two-, three-, four- or five-day workweek. Hey, test it out and see what happens.

Michelle Pasqual, Partner
Marjon Advisors, LLC


The best incentive for recruiters is a close collaboration with the hiring manager to enable the recruiters to do a great job. Too often, I see hiring managers having a transactional relationship with their internal recruiters. However, if you invest the time in coming up with solutions together, their work will be more satisfying, and you will have better search outcomes. 

Atta Tarki, Founder & Author
of “Evidence-Based Recruiting,” ECA Partners