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Dean brings to us an incredibly useful, albeit niche recruiting tool! Every now and then you come across a candidate resume thats…well…an image. This presents an interesting challenge: how do… Read more

With all this talk emphasizing rare, high-demand tech skills for industries like cloud, AI and cybersecurity, there is one highly in-demand job that has been largely overlooked: recruitment. Are you… Read more

Dean Da Costa is at it again with his nuggets of wisdom! I have spent hours sifting through messy and convoluted data scraping tools and chrome extensions. They were either… Read more

While companies struggled with high attrition over the past year, recruiters also found it hard to find and hire their own. Many recruiting firms have been pressed to meet client… Read more

As the labor shortage crisis and the Great Resignation continue to hit employers hard, some traditional applicant pools are running dry. Rest assured, recruiters – your new hire is out… Read more

The corporate landscape for learning and development is changing rapidly. It’s more important than ever, of course. There’s an unprecedented level of change in the world around us as technologies… Read more

Labor shortages have been a top challenge for employers across sectors over the past two years and this trend does not appear to be slowing down. The recent Career Optimism… Read more

Even after a solid decade of conversations about candidate experience, if the Great Resignation accomplished just one thing, it helped remind the world about the power of the worker –… Read more

My first day at Guild started out wildly different than I planned. There was no HR orientation or welcome lunch — just a nervously typed email that I had been drafting… Read more

Candidates tell us everything we need to know about their suitability and fit for the jobs we’re recruiting for, the applicability of their experience and what they’re really thinking –… Read more

The first time I heard the term millennial, I was a few years out of college, and the world was melting down amid the Great Recession. In the decade and… Read more

Your workforce is always going to be the most important influencer of your company’s success. As such, alongside upgrading technological tools, you need to make sure you maintain practices to… Read more

As a geriatric Millennial (as I fondly refer to myself), I deviated from the more analogue job seeking path of my predecessors, leaning heavily on online platforms to build my… Read more

According to last year’s CIPD Labor Market Outlook survey, nine out of ten employers say they rely on workers possessing language skills other than English. Apart from that, 56% of… Read more

A recent analysis from Deloitte found that 83 percent of surveyed companies suffered from “low people analytics maturity.” The same report described existing data tools as “under-equipped to identify potential… Read more

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