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8 Helpful Resources for Virtual Recruiting During COVID-19 COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge for recruiting teams across the globe. Here are some helpful tips for adapting virtual hiring practices to… Read more

Zoom Offers Free Training to Help Remote Teams Communicate Article originally published at One of Zoom’s core values is “Delivering Happiness” to all of our customers. The Zoom Training… Read more

Autoklose, makers of a sales engagement platform, has put together a list of helpful sales and communication tools that are either free or discounted during the COVID-19 crisis. This includes… Read more

  Verify before you hit send! Don’t know how? Keep reading.   Even with all the social media tools available, recruiters usually opt to send an email as their first… Read more

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]   How You Can Create a Positive Candidate Experience in 2020   The labor market today is an ostensible candidate-driven one. This wasn’t always… Read more

“The minds of”: Thoughts on COVID-19 from Recruiters, TA leaders, and Sourcers in the business   Covid-19. Coronavirus. Pandemic. We saw the reports from China, but as a collective, no one… Read more

Save time communicating with candidates using Loxo Outreach We’re talking about Loxo again. Why again? Well, because they are making it better and giving us more! Before, they were “just”… Read more

  How a Quiz Can Help You Get More Leads for Your Business   A quiz can help you attract visitors to your website, create more engagement, and get you… Read more

  Loxo ups their game with a sourcing integration!   New and improved in the game of thrones…I mean tools. Loxo is already one of the best ATS/CRMS in the… Read more

Find Email Addresses with the Email Discovery Tool   Here’s a new Chrome Extension for you to check out! This tool is called the “Email Discovery Tool” and you can… Read more

  What Does Innovation in Recruiting Mean?   It seems counterintuitive to take a step back and challenge the basics of innovation. All things considered, it seems appropriate to pause… Read more

   What’s the deal with recruiting chatbots?   As a quick summary, recruiting chatbots can optimize your hiring process. This allows recruiters to spend more time with the best… Read more

  What Motown Can Teach Recruiters   Berry Gordy knew how to hire. Even before he launched Motown Records, he made his way around the Detroit music scene as a… Read more

  The Most Common Recruiting Mistakes in 2020   Recruiting is a crucial process for most businesses, and most invest a significant amount of time and money into finding the… Read more

  Recruitment Fraud Notice: Warning Signs to Watch Out For   Are your candidates getting bombarded with job offers out of the blue? Perhaps you’ve even received them and wondered… Read more

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