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You can source from anywhere. In this video, Dean Da Costa demonstrates how you can utilize PeoplePerHour for sourcing candidates.

  Combining Artificial Intelligence and Human Touch to eliminate bias   By design, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms make decisions which generally require a human level of expertise. When it comes… Read more

Are you looking for coders and developers? Head over to Codersrank!   Lately we have been taking a look at a lot of different developer type sites, and we have… Read more

Hiring remote employees is nothing new to the workforce. This hiring process has grown tremendously over the years as businesses learn about the benefits of hiring workers remotely. As with… Read more

     Salespeople in HRTech Understanding how HR Tech vendors operate is a great way to efficiently find and buy the right recruiting and hr software.   For Example… You… Read more

“Why isn’t anyone applying for my job?”  If you’ve ever posed this question, your shortage of applicants could have nothing to do with the tight labor market, your recruiting resources,… Read more

Can you transition your great recruiting skills from healthcare to IT?  From retail to financial services?  Or from transportation to semiconductor? Absolutely, yes!  Experienced recruiters know that the process of… Read more

Science Direct is an untapped resource with millions of experts!   Let’s talk about a site called Science Direct. Now, this is a site that is extremely fascinating. You can… Read more

The Human Genome of Candidate Experience Candidate experience remains a popular topic, even some ten years after entering into the recruiting lexicon. The point of candidate experience was, at first,… Read more

US Phonebook can find and validate contact information that you’re missing!     We have another site for you to use to find people! For all your sleuthing needs, US is… Read more

  Our digital age has brought with it a whole host of new challenges for recruiters. Not only is there an incredible demand for new talent in emerging markets, but… Read more

  In my previous post, I was talking about testing in general and understanding the difference between test position descriptions. Now, it’s time to learn a bit more about the… Read more

3 Ways To Deliver  The candidate experience first begins with a Facebook post from a friend who raves about her new job. Or it can start when a colleague posts… Read more

  Get your company research done with Pathrise!   If you find yourself with the need to do some company research, we have a free tool recommendation for you. Pathrise,… Read more

   Staying organized with HR Tech When you buy HRTech, it’s really hard to stay organized.  Understanding the landscape can be a difficult task, in fact in many ways… Read more

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