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  As we turned into a new year and decade in 2020, we have heard continued concerns reflecting economic uncertainty- in fact, in our own recent GRID (Global Recruiting Insights… Read more

  Helping you automate your sourcing process.   Today we’re going to show you a free Chrome plugin available called TalentScan Lite. What this tool does, is it helps you… Read more

  FEBRUARY 2020 – Talent Acquisition News Pardon the interruption! As many seem to agree, January was a long year. Luckily, we’re halfway into February now, and with 2020 in… Read more

  Find email addresses with Kaspr!   We love these free Chrome Extensions, and we have another one for you to check out! This tool is called Kaspr, (yes, like the… Read more

Managing the unmanageable: can technology help overcome the challenges of managing large teams of gig workers? Scheduling and managing hourly workers are challenging. Event-based companies such as caterers, entertainment venues,… Read more

Never let a great resume slip past you with Tobu! Tobu is a great tool that takes resumes and inputs them into an easy to navigate the database. It saves… Read more

  Recruitment has evolved drastically in the last few years with widespread changes in strategies and the technology used to implement them. Unlike before, you no longer get to pick… Read more

  Finding skilled and high-quality candidates is the number one challenge for recruiters. It’s no wonder. As a country, we’re at full employment. For the first time in 20 years,… Read more

  There’s a market-share war occurring in technology and its implications are widespread, presenting major challenges to recruiters. We’re in the later innings of an expansion cycle and market share… Read more

Find new clients with Pushleads!   We’re going to show you a brand new lead gen tool called Pushleads. The new tool is based out of the UK but uses… Read more

  Perhaps you have had a similar experience. Your manager brings you a new job from a client. We need a tester! ASAP! Pronto, pronto, Andale, Andale! You get a… Read more

    We aren’t a “–insert term here—” we are a Technology company!   Heard that line before?  The first thing I would say is, don’t play along.  How do you… Read more

How to leverage Twitter for Sourcing? TweetBeaver can help!   Are you making effective use of Twitter for sourcing? Maybe you’re tired of having to manually scroll through account follow… Read more

  ColdCRM finds contact info off social profiles!   We have another new tool for you to take a look at by ColdCRM. It’s a new Chrome extension that came out… Read more

  “Oh, I wish I had called the candidate sooner. He got an offer from somewhere else!” “We need to start from scratch the candidate we offered the job has… Read more

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