Science Direct is an untapped resource with millions of experts!


Let’s talk about a site called Science Direct. Now, this is a site that is extremely fascinating. You can find articles on any scientific topic here, whether they are review articles, research articles, or excerpts from published books.

Plus, you can refine your searches by year published, article type, as well as the publication title. Creating a free account allows you to add more filter options, as well as other features like exporting documents, downloading PDF’s, creating search alerts, and personalized recommendations.

Ok this is great, but what does it have to do with recruiting?

Well, once you open one of your search results, you not only have access to the article, but also the author list, which contains contact information! A contact with a provided email address will show a small envelope after their name. Bingo! Click through to their profile, and see other publications, groups they are in, plus their network of co-authors.

So, using Science Direct, you can find experts on specific topics and you can reach out to them! This could be especially useful with those hard to fill positions where the orders are to find an expert in a nice field.

Plus, it’s free, which you can’t beat. Take a look, maybe even learn something new, and get sourcing!


~ Noel Cocca


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