Find and source freelancers with PeoplePerHour


We’re going to talk about, which is a site similar to Upwork or Fiverr where users post projects or work needed, and people bid to work on those projects. They also allow you to search and filter through their freelancers registered on the site. These could be people you need to work on a specific project, or maybe you want to hire them full time. Either way, let’s take a look at how you can use PeoplePerHour for sourcing!

On this site, freelancers are in both tech and non-technical categories. Let’s take a look at their graphic design category and see what we can find. Go to their search at the top and choose “Search Freelancers,” from here you can filter by Industry, Location, Pay Rate, and whether or not they are available or have a portfolio. Great!

Once you have your list, you can click into the freelancer’s profile. There is the option to email people directly through the site, or we can use the information given on their profile to find them on other social sites! Do your name search, reverse image searches, and all those other tricks we’ve discussed to find their direct contact information.

There’s always enough information to find people, and the more information they provide, the easier it is! That’s it, people! You can source from anywhere, even on a site like PeoplePerHour. Not to mention, we aren’t even signed in. Give it a try!


~ Noel Cocca

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