Zoom Offers Free Training to Help Remote Teams Communicate

Article originally published at blog.zoom.us:

One of Zoom’s core values is “Delivering Happiness” to all of our customers. The Zoom Training Team is on a daily mission to provide that happiness, and doing so means enabling their everyday business success.

One goal that our customers continuously voice when they start using Zoom is that they want to be able to continue concentrating on their daily professional tasks while confidently using Zoom to its full potential. Whether it is talking to business partners via Zoom Meetings, using a Zoom Room, or conducting important online events using Zoom Video Webinars, our customers want to focus on their core tasks without having to worry about operating the technology.

The good news is, the Zoom Training Team is here to help! While Zoom is easy to use and intuitive for many users, our experts host free and interactive live training webinars daily to help you get the most out of the Zoom platform (and in less than an hour).

Here are some of the ways to quickly learn Zoom and start meeting like a pro in no time.

30+ free sessions every week

One of the phrases we hear time and time again from customer feedback is, “It just works!” And we want every one of our customers to echo that sentiment.

The Zoom Training Team excels at helping customers use the full spectrum of Zoom features and empowers them to confidently overcome any communications hurdle to ensure Zoom always works for them.

That’s why we offer more than 30 free training sessions every week, including:

We also host monthly Zoom Ask Me Anything sessions, where our experts conduct an interactive 60-minute training that is 100% focused on addressing YOUR Zoom questions.

Zoom training, no matter where you are

Zoom users span the entire globe, and we’ve expanded our training sessions to accommodate various regions and time zones. So no matter where you are, we can provide sessions that fit your schedule. Training sessions are currently available in:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • The Middle East
  • Asia Pacific

While training sessions are available in English and German already, we are also working on making them available in other languages. We plan to add sessions in French and Spanish next.

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