Autoklose, makers of a sales engagement platform, has put together a list of helpful sales and communication tools that are either free or discounted during the COVID-19 crisis. This includes free 1:1 sales coaching with their experts. Additionally, they are offering a postponed subscription on their platform, depending on your use case.

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Sell From Home: Free Tools to Help You During the COVID-19 Crisis

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That’s why a number of software vendors decided to help businesses and their employees settle into this new work-from-home routine more easily and seamlessly.

Apart from the fact that this vicious virus has hit the global economy hard, it also affects our productivity. It’s not easy to focus on your daily tasks when you’re surrounded by panic and fear.

And as freelancers and contractors know, there’s another underlying aspect of remote work that can take a toll on your productivity – it’s hard to motivate and organize yourself, especially when you’re only starting out with such a working arrangement.

In order to help you to find your feet in these new, unusual circumstances, we decided to put together a list of useful free and discounted tools and resources that can come in handy when you work from home.


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Offer: Free 1:1 sales coaching with C-level experts every Wednesday and Thursday

People are at home. Sales reps and business owners now more than ever need to utilize direct dials and email as outreach channels. Autoklose is a sales automation platform suitable for streamlining sales outreach. Thanks to our DataUnlimited feature, it’s possible to do prospecting from your home office. Since the outbound approach, which is extremely effective for situations like these when numerous events are canceled, needs to be planned and mapped out carefully, free sales coaching sessions can help you find your way out of the existing sales slump.

P.S. Our sales executives are ready to postpone your subscription and give you FREE access to Autoklose based on your use case, so book a demo call now.

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With the global threat of COVID-19, the virus has changed the business landscape. The Recruiting, Hiring, and Talent Acquisition space has changed along with it. In response, many tools and businesses have begun to offer resources that may assist your organization in adapting to these changes. We will be sharing articles, press releases, and resources that we hope you find as helpful as we do. We can all get through this trying time if we help each other. Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with questions, comments, or resources of your own that you'd like to share. View all of our COVID-19 Resource posts