Save time communicating with candidates using Loxo Outreach

loxo outreach

We’re talking about Loxo again. Why again? Well, because they are making it better and giving us more! Before, they were “just” an ATS/CRM. And they were great at it! Then they added sourcing, as we just talked about in this video.

Now comes Loxo Outreach. A complete, integrated communication platform for candidates!


Let’s get into it


Use a prebuilt campaign or start a new one from scratch. Choose how you’re going to be communicating. This includes Email, Text, Phone call, Linkedin InMail,  Voicemail drop, or Task.

For an email, you can then create your template with standard common fields. Choose when the email is sent with the delay feature, from hours, days, or weeks. Use this to send an email and then follow up with a call or text message. To as many people as you want, all pre-programmed ahead of time!

The amazing part here: if you get a response after any of these stages, the rest of that chain will be stopped. Track your opens, clicks, replies, and downloads in your campaign dashboard.

Outreach is included in the Standard and Premium subscriptions of Loxo.

It’s so simple and so easy. This is such a complete system, it would make a fantastic base for your sourcing stack.

~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: