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Resumes, CVs and biodata documents have been used to secure employment for hundreds of years (if not longer). Simple enough, right? But that’s the problem. Resumes haven’t changed much over… Read more

The 7 Words You Can’t Say in a Resume, and What They Really Mean to Hiring Teams I’ve never met a resume writer who admitted to aspiring to become a… Read more

Resources for Recruiters Looking for a Job As recruiters, we understand the hiring process better than anyone. But when it comes time to bring our own search, we can feel… Read more

  “resume bias is real. What’s more, blind recruitment isn’t solving the problem” At one point in time, resumes functioned as an overview of the person it represented. Name, address,… Read more

  Do you know how much each resume is worth? In today’s market, organizations are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a hiring solution where they can source… Read more

When I was finishing grad school in May 2014 and started going on a bunch of interviews with companies of about 250 employees all the way up to places like… Read more

Unconscious bias is a pervasive problem in recruitment, since those who make hiring decisions based on these biases are unaware they’re doing so. While primarily designed to hasten hires and… Read more

It’s nearly impossible to find the number of quality engineering candidates that you need by relying on old-fashioned recruiting tactics. Hopefully we all realize that by now. The next wave… Read more

Candidates spend countless hours worrying about their resumes. Second-guessing, improving and tweaking anything they can to improve their chances and impress recruiters/hiring managers. When recruiters are scanning resumes, they know… Read more

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A resume tells me what you have done, for whom and how long. It doesn’t tell me the two most important things that will predict your success in the job… Read more

Out of the various soul-sucking elements of a standard hiring process, one of the bigger ones has to be when they send you a note that says, “We’ll keep your resume… Read more

I literally do not (and have not ever) understood the basic resume. Why is this still a thing? In the era of LinkedIn, which is apparently worth $26 billion but… Read more

As harsh as it may sound, resumes are nothing more than words on paper. They all look more or less the same. Some candidates try to stand out by using… Read more

It’s not a surprise that job candidates embellish, fib, or resort to outright lies on resumes. What IS a bit shocking is how frequently they do it. According to the… Read more

Raise your hand if you enjoy reviewing and screening resumes. Keep your hand up if you believe that you are good at it. This means that a high percentage of… Read more

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