Brad Wolff

Brad Wolff is Managing Director for JumpVine, an Atlanta-based Workforce Optimization firm. Its focus is helping companies achieve specific, measurable improvements in productivity, profitability, and employee engagement. This encompasses hiring the right employees to begin with as well as addressing the real challenges involved in a workforce that is truly engaged in the mission, vision and values of their organization. On the hiring side of JumpVine’s business, its Hire2Retain approach has resulted in a decrease in turnover from the national average of almost 5 in 10 in the first year of employment to only 2 in 10. Their approach has also reduced the number of interviews per hire by 50-75 percent. Wolff’s method measures whether people’s innate characteristics match a company’s open position and corporate culture. He has helped hundreds of clients streamline the interview process, increase employee retention, and boost morale. A CPA by training, he combines his analytical skills with his more than 20 years in the recruiting business to achieve success for his clients. Follow Brad on Twitter at @bradwolff721 or connect with him on LinkedIn.  

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