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Marijuana and the workplace – it’s complicated. Should it be though?  With rapidly-changing state laws conflicting with federal laws, confusion rightfully looms. In 2020, U.S. legal marijuana sales increased by… Read more

In this suddenly slower hiring market, many companies have to justify not laying off members of their recruiting and sourcing teams. The temptation is to cut costs under the false… Read more

Trying to get to grips with the current job market may feel like understanding the current weather. All we know is that it is becoming more and more extreme. Massive… Read more

 More and more, we’re experiencing the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming integrated into our daily lives. Chatbots are old news when we consider a space where virtual human technologies… Read more

Crafting a job description might sound easy, but it’s often challenging for some of the most seasoned recruiting professionals. This is why some companies don’t put too much thought into… Read more

There is a global talent shortage, with 3 in 4 companies reporting talent shortages and difficulty hiring. While most organizations struggle with hiring, some roles often require more time and… Read more

Although the labor market finally appears to be cooling off, talent acquisition remains a major problem for hiring managers as we enter 2023. While there are 10 million job openings… Read more

The recruitment industry is a rapidly evolving field with a bright future ahead. With the increasing use of technology and data analytics, the industry is becoming more efficient and effective… Read more

Is it just me, or have job seekers stepped up a few levels regarding their self-marketing abilities? Have recent social media trends and the perceived blemish-free Instagram stories generation created… Read more

Nymeria has been a great platform for contact finding and enrichment in the past, but as of today they just laterally expanded to include search capabilities. This brings Nymeria in… Read more

The talent shortage facing today’s global IT industry is undeniable, and it’s no secret that there are more jobs to fill than there are qualified candidates to fill them. Consider… Read more

Historically, companies use gender and racially-biased language, discriminating against people with disability, those belonging to LGBTQIA+ groups and minorities, albeit unintentionally. Take a look at any recent job description, and… Read more

Boy, it’s been a bumpy ride for talent acquisition. From the Great Resignation to quiet quitting to mass layoffs, the job market tone is changing – rapidly. In November 2022, Amazon announced… Read more

COVID-19 dramatically disrupted the way we work. Today’s workplaces are more dynamic, with change happening faster than ever before. In order to succeed in this new world, organizations are increasingly… Read more

Time is perhaps the most valuable resource for recruiters. What you do with that time directly affects how many candidates you recruit and what return you bring in. And spending… Read more

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