Trying to get to grips with the current job market may feel like understanding the current weather. All we know is that it is becoming more and more extreme. Massive storm surges, arctic bomb cyclones, and possibly a record-breaking hurricane season ahead.

You’ve weathered a few intense storms recently, and so have your clients, time to look for a few places of calm and safety, a storm bunker for your career. With talk of a possible recession, which we’ve endured before and have a few suggestions for here, it’s good to have a few other options you can turn to if you fall foul of the imminent layoff switch.

Here are industries that are sure to continue hiring this year despite the economic uncertainty, either as a recruitment professional in the industry or for a career shift.


As long as we continue producing mini humans, educators will be in high demand even with the lowering birth rate. However, many schools face the reality that teachers are resigning and moving away from the education industry. This creates opportunities for those wanting to move towards a more stable career.

A positive for those looking for teaching jobs is that due to the high numbers of resignations, schools find themselves in a position where wage negotiations favor the candidate, as there is a desperate need to fill empty positions with quality candidates.

It’s safe to say that the potential tidal wave of layoffs won’t reach the safe harbors of education, especially in the younger grades.

Health Care

The medical field has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few decades, and with considerable improvements in treatments and medications, you would think that doctors and pharmaceuticals would be doing themselves out of a job.

The reality is that we are still hugely dependent on the health system to keep us fit and flourishing. The doctors, nurses, specialist assistants, and the many people who make up the health system are under massive pressure to provide health care to the growing population. This industry will see substantial recruitment growth over the coming years and can be seen as recession-proof. Opportunities for team leaders, assistants, and administration staff, not just doctors, are in high demand despite economic uncertainty.

State and Federal Government

“It was very intentional that we decided to make strengthening and empowering the federal workforce the first of our PMA (Presidents Management Agenda) priority areas,” Office of Management and Budget Deputy Director of Management, Jason Miller.

Positive changes are coming to state and federal government employment, and a renewed effort is going into the recruitment processes and job satisfaction of government employees. Switching industries from your current and potentially non-recession-proof sector to government employment is a worthwhile venture.

The option of hybrid and remote work is becoming more commonplace. With the stability a government job offers, especially in times of inflation and recession, it might be worth considering.

Embrace the Side Hustle

Being subject to a sudden layoff doesn’t necessarily have to lead to an in-depth search for a replacement full-time employment role.

Why not Juggle the side hustles? Remote work and the side hustle are becoming commonplace. While possibly re-establishing your recruitment work freelance, add a side hustle or two or three and own your work-life flexibility.

There are many opportunities that don’t require full-time commitment but allow you to earn an income while re-building your primary career. The side hustle could be related to recruiting or devoid. It’s your choice.

Look to New Opportunities

Applying your recruitment and sourcing skills in more recession-proof industries is possible. It can be exciting to turn the disappointment of losing or potentially losing your job into an opportunity for positive change and upskilling.

Sean Kelland

Sean is an avid appreciator of life and human interactions. Coming from a background in educational management and teaching, photography, and the creative space, he can convey a diverse array of topics understandably and enjoyably. Sean is a father to two wild mini-humans and husband to a beautiful and talented content-creator wife.