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Pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to have it roll back down again. That’s what trying to get executive buy-in for recruiting budgets can feel like sometimes. You meticulously… Read more

With many countries experiencing labor shortages, recruiters face a more demanding task than ever — finding the right people, and enough of them, to fill all the empty job openings…. Read more

Talent sourcing is an essential yet often expensive activity in recruitment. From online networks and job boards to advertising campaigns, organizations have access to an array of budget friendly recruiting… Read more

Let’s face it: the world of work is changing – and fast. Between the shifting expectations of employees and job seekers, hybrid work and the rise of AI, no one… Read more

There is a Chinese curse saying: “May you live in interesting times.” Although seemingly a blessing, it’s used to mean that living in tumultuous times deprives people of their tranquility… Read more

U.S. employers said job openings in July stood at a seasonally adjusted 8.8 million, a decline of 338,000 from June. Although that was the lowest level since March 2021, The… Read more

Finding the right employees for your business can directly impact your success. While you may have a relatively solid idea about the type of talent you’d like to onboard, actually… Read more

To provide insights on adapting hiring processes for remote work in today’s labor market, we’ve gathered valuable suggestions from CEOs, founders and other leaders. From emphasizing cultural fit in hiring… Read more

Becoming a nurse has always meant choosing a crisis-proof profession. Registered nurses (RNs) work in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, and many other healthcare facilities. In fact, nurses make up one of… Read more

The recruitment space has been slow to adopt AI, according to research from iHire. The company’s 2023 State of Online Recruiting Report said just 4.9% of employers are using AI… Read more

Recruiting has undergone some massive shifts in recent years, and transactional or post-and-pray approaches simply no longer work, especially in a job market where skills shortages are the norm and… Read more

Talent management looks vastly different from even five years ago. Today, employers have a high demand for talent with future-ready skill sets, well-functioning teams and lower rates of turnover. Luckily,… Read more

As businesses continue to evolve and adapt to an ever-changing landscape, the debate surrounding the pros and cons of remote working rages on. So while some studies suggest that almost… Read more

The world of work is changing rapidly. New technologies, shifting demographics, and evolving workplace attitudes are disrupting old ways of doing things and forcing organizations to adapt. For recruiters, these… Read more

In 2021, workplace misconduct caused a staggering $20 billion loss to U.S. businesses, which leaves companies with no choice but to spend substantial time and resources replacing employees engaged in… Read more

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