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The 5 Key SALES Lessons YOU MUST Implement in a GLOBAL PANDEMIC Introduction For many recruiters today who have been on furlough, almost certainly within the UK, making a business development or… Read more

Our Internal TA team is sh*&t! Talent Acquisition, the heart of any organization, the function that determines whether you live or die, at least from a revenue, delivery, and productivity… Read more

Everything Old in Recruiting is New Again What a time to be alive!  Artificial intelligence for candidate matching. Advanced site Boolean strings. Free sites for phone numbers and email addresses…. Read more

Why is personalized candidate nurturing a compelling long-term strategy? If there is one must-have skill for a recruiter, it is long-term candidate nurturing. Candidate nurturing should be a recruiter’s routine operation. … Read more

How to Improve Your Veteran Recruiting Efforts Believe it or not, we’re well into Q4 2020. What a year this has been. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy… Read more

Focus on the Workplace: Returning to a Traditional Office Although many jobs may remain remote, certain jobs will eventually return to a traditional office workspace environment. How will this affect… Read more

Virtual Engagement Best Practices Before COVID-19, there were several companies already leading the way with their virtual recruitment strategies. But now, more and more companies are being required to actively… Read more

Is The Quartet of Candidate Research & Engagement “Dying”? LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most recruiters know this quartet well as places where we can go to “learn” about candidates… Read more

How COVID-19 has affected the gig economy There’s no question that COVID-19 has hit the economy hard. From layoffs to business closures, to stock market collapses, it’s been a year…. Read more

Changing Your Career During COVID-19: Steps You Can Take The plausibility of switching jobs in the middle of a pandemic is stirring conversation. Although we are now seeing a slow… Read more

Rehumanize Recruiting


Rehumanize Recruiting In today’s noisy recruiting tech landscape, comprised of AI, algorithms, and all-in-one solutions, it’s difficult to know if your own tool stack is yielding the best results. Even… Read more

At first, there were many. Then there were few. This may sound like the opening dialogue of a trailer to the next hit blockbuster movie, but in fact, it’s a… Read more

  How to build a highly productive remote work environment Great leaders play a vital role in bringing a civilized work environment within an organization. Offering remote and flexible work… Read more

We’re all responsible for Diversity and Inclusion! When we hear the terms diversity and inclusion, what comes to mind? Who do we think is responsible for diversity, inclusion, and company… Read more

  Why Your HR And Marketing Team Needs To Work Together For any business to thrive, all the internal departments must perform to their full potential. They must show their… Read more

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