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veteran recruiting basics

Veteran Recruiting: A Basic Recipe For Hiring Success

What’s the very best meal you could make right now using nothing but the items currently found in your kitchen?  Could you pull off a...


Talent Warriors: What It Really Takes to Be A Top Recruiter

Recruiting is, professionally speaking, something of an anomaly. Most recruiters are career existentialists, somehow falling into a...


Why I’m (Still) A Recruiter: My Take From the Talent Trenches

Sometimes I am asked: “So why are you a recruiter?”  It’s a great question really. I mean you don’t go to school for it. I don’t...

Why Does Everyone Hate HR?

Many people believe HR is: Old. Slow. Dowdy. Bloated. Bureaucratic. Run by middle-aged women who like cats. Some of that is true —...

Quit Job

The Real Reason Why People Leave Companies

Most of us have heard time and time again that “people don’t leave companies, they leave managers”. I can’t recall...

Great Place to Work

Great Place To Work: Behind the Scenes at #GPTWConf

I recently went down to the Bayou, joining 1,100 HR practitioners and leaders in downtown New Orleans for the 11th Annual Great Place to...

Great Recruiter

Best In Class: What Makes A Great Recruiter?

Recruiting has no barriers for entry, unlike almost any other profession, which at least requires a related degree.  Even in the absence...


How To Tell If You’re Actually Employable

Wondering if you're employable? Read this checklist from an HR source.


Picture This: Top Career Motivators For the Best of Us and the Rest of Us

What are your career motivators? LinkedIn survey and info graphic with the results of their member survey.

be different - business team

Military Intelligence: Branching Out in Veteran Recruiting & Hiring

A soldier's perspective on veteran recruiting and hiring based on military branch.