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express yourself

Express Yourself: The Real Secret of Retention

Learning how to talk to each other is a concept that’s becoming steadily more difficult thanks to the influx of a thousand different...

social media stalking

Filling In The Blanks In Hiring

The perception of data has been evolving for some time now. Initially – data was cool. Coming from a world where we found phone numbers...

draft day excitement

Can Hiring Teams Work?

With kickoff just a few weeks away, I’ve been thinking about football. Specifically Draft Day. I imagine being a candidate for...

beatles lyrics and recruiting

Can’t Buy Me Love: Earning Candidate Love

Have you ever noticed how people buy and sell almost anything? Craigslist is a landmine for junk hunters. People who just collect random...

rise up

If I Only Had A Brain, Part II: Rise Up

“Higher education must lead the march back to the fundamentals of human relationships, to the old discovery that is ever new, that man...

what is in a name

What’s In A Name? Hiring Talent or Titles

My wife and I recently closed on purchasing our first house. We had been looking for months, one we loved came onto the market, and we put...

beastie boys recruiting

Spam: She’s Crafty

Licensed to Ill is a record that changed everyone’s mind about what hip-hop was, especially coming from three white guys from NYC....

talent wars recruiting

Talent Wars: A New Hope

Let’s talk Star Wars, specifically Star Wars IV – A New Hope. For those of you who have seen the movies which, based on...


Crushing Culture: A Recruiting Manifesto.

Sports teams are typically a child’s first introduction to culture. See, between the pop, chips and juice boxes, we’re teaching...

recruiting run

Home Alone: Why We Can’t Keep Candidates Waiting

From the gate to take-off, it’s a waiting game. We wait in lines to get a bag checked, making small talk as we eye each bag to see the...

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