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Hot Deal: Programmatic Advertising Model For Jobs

When I say “car salesmen” what pops into your mind? A grease ball, right? A poorly fitted suit, slicked back hair, and a beer belly....

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Real Lies, Realized: 10 Fake HR Tech & Recruiting “Trends” You Should Really Ignore.

For an industry whose professional certification involves “competency based assessments,” there’s a surprising amount of incompetence...

election day

Election 2016: Hiring Trends In Swing States

We all know the 2016 election will be a special one, and not just because it features two of the least popular candidates in recent memory....

recruiting job search

Help Wanted: On The Hunt For A Recruiting Job

We function as the primary job contact for so many people, then when the tables turn - what are we supposed to do? How do we find a...


A Teachable Moment: Recruiting, Trends and Conferences

It’s kind of amazing what teachers do, spending hours inside and outside the classroom to prepare students to take the next step and...

hitch recruiting advice

RecruitingLive with Jennifer Newbill

On this week's RecruitingLive, I've invited Jennifer Newbill to share her expertise and actionable insights on starting recruiting...


The Top HR Technology and Recruiting Tools of 2016.

Everybody presents themselves in this very polished, professional package, you know, but I still think poop jokes are hilarious, watch an...

all about the benjamins

All About The Benjamins: Motivation Over Money

As recruiters, we have to know how to ask the right questions that will lead us to the motivation of a candidate - not just checking boxes...

star wars recruiting

Talent Wars: The Return of the Recruiter

Regardless of our education and training, we as recruiters by in large do three things: We find people, we interview and we extend offers....

tipping point

The Tipping Point: Don’t Automate Your Way to Apathy

We need to approach the “when” and the “what” of communication as a form of relationship management with care, thought, intent, and...

recruiter training

RecruitingLive with ATAP: Derek Zeller and Ben Gotkin

Our industry lacks the fundamental training and certifications to legitimize and qualify our profession across the board. That's where ATAP...

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