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My So-Called (Recruiting) Life.

My best friend has worked in recruiting for most of her career- I wouldn’t have been able to say that 5 months ago.  “What does she...


Why Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting and HR is Really Stupid.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, that artificial intelligence is coming to Human Resources. Of course, the manifold marketing materials...

candidate mistakes

Failbook: 8 Candidate Mistakes To Make You Giggle

From disastrous spelling errors to weird confessions, we've each gathered a ton of candidate mistakes to make you laugh and probably...

goldilocks and the three bears

Goldilocks Recruiting: Finding “Just Right” Candidates

I’m convinced Goldilocks and the three bears was written by a recruiter, or at least someone who was hiring. Perhaps it was the...

family matters

Family Matters: Maternity Leave And Millenials

How can HR professionals shift maternity leave to accommodate millennial parents and every other generation in the workforce?


Move On Up: A Recruiting Playbook for Corporate Relocation.

The headlines and soundbites about corporate relocation have become something of a leitmotif of our new post-truth world, particularly...

employer branding rap battle

Rap Up: Employer Branding Breakdown

Uncertainty has driven a lot of curiosity when it comes to employer branding so the team over at Jibe surveyed practitioners to figure out...

dumpster diving

Green Sourcing: Recycling Candidates

We're always talking about doing something new - new tools, strategies and tactics. But what about recycling great candidates from old...

diversity confusion

Thinking Out Loud: Diversity

When the topic of diversity comes up, it often becomes a shoulder shrugging, silent session. Enough already. There's something you can do.

buying decisions

The Way Buying Should Be: Evaluating HR Technology

It’s confusing to me how we go through more than thirteen years of education without learning things we’ll need for the rest...

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