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Indeed introduced a new solution, Specialist Media Networks, to help employers hire for competitive and hard-to-fill roles. According to the company, the industry-specific networks enable employers to reach more people… Read more

Bullhorn acquired cube19, the provider of analytics and reporting solutions for the Bullhorn platform and a partner in the Bullhorn Marketplace. The company said the combination of cube19’s analytics with… Read more

As recruitment becomes more technology-driven, recruiters can end up spending a significant chunk of their time collecting, monitoring, analyzing and reporting data. Recruitment is challenging as it is. Add to… Read more

Burning Glass Technologies will merge with Emsi, a labor market data firm, with the backing of KKR, its primary investor. Financial terms weren’t disclosed. The combined company, to be called… Read more

When Deloitte released its 2020 Global Human Capital Trends report, the world looked much different. We were just entering into life under pandemic conditions, and most companies were chugging along, unaware… Read more

It’s no secret that 2020 probably didn’t turn out the way you or your organization expected, especially when you were drawing up plans and drafting budgets way back when. Few… Read more

Recruiters and business leaders have the same goal. Find the ideal person who will be able to perform the job and make valuable contributions to the future of the company…. Read more

Why AI is your best bet to remove hiring bias  Hiring is an aspect of the HR process that directly impacts the performance of several departments. HR professionals do not… Read more

Has COVID-19 Made the Data and Analytics Industry Stronger? Prior to COVID-19, Data and Analytics was a fast-paced, candidate-led market but, unlike so many other industries, the pandemic has neither… Read more

People Analytics and the Future of Talent Acquisition   What the hell is People Analytics? What is he going to tell me I need to worry about this time? Have no… Read more

Understanding Hiring Funnel Metrics Can Land You Your Next Hire We thought recruiting was tough just a few months ago when unemployment was at a record low. Recruiters can now… Read more

The Effectiveness of D&I Programs   Diversity and Inclusion programs and their associated policies do not have a defined end date. The process must be a continuous improvement to attract… Read more

Free use of Claro Workforce Analytics software In response to COVID-19 and to assist with recent displacement in the community. Claro Workforce Analytics is offering free use of their software. In… Read more

  In today’s recruiting landscape, there’s a lot of emphasis on the idea of “success.” But what does that even mean? Is it crushing KPIs? Or just showing up every… Read more

It should come as no surprise, but if you look at trends for search words like “recruiting metrics” or “data-driven” over the last five years, the lines tick upward. Related… Read more

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