Why AI is your best bet to remove hiring bias 

Hiring is an aspect of the HR process that directly impacts the performance of several departments. HR professionals do not just hold the resumes, they actually hold the choice between productive and unfruitful quarters. So, it is established that hiring is an extremely crucial task that needs to be carried out thoroughly and ethically.

But, as we all know, human beings have certain behaviors and attributes that impact their decisions and choices. These instincts may or may not be conscious, but they sure do affect what you do and do not do! And that is what happens when HRs take interviews.

According to CareerBuilder, 74% of the employers have hired the wrong person for a position. More often than not they are influenced by certain external factors that shouldn’t have been around the ecosystem in the first place.

To combat that there have been a few inventions in recruitment solutions that are supposedly free of hiring bias. But, it has been reported that these systems are built with biases in their sole foundation. HRTech has witnessed tremendous advancement in recent years and one of its allies has been Artificial Intelligence. 

Let us look at the reasons why AI is your best bet to remove hiring bias.


1) Prejudice-free algorithm

One thing you can be sure about AI is that it doesn’t have any kind of opinion or concern of its own. It’s pure-play technology that churns and works around statistics and data models to deliver the right decisions. So, with AI, you don’t have to worry about your hirer having had some experiences in the past that may, in a way impact the possibility of a candidate being selected or rejected.

Rest assured that your vacant position will be filled by a person who is best suited for the job, regardless of any external contributions such as past experiences of the recruiter.


2) No Nepotism in tech

When it comes to a powerful technology such as AI, you know it won’t be bothered by the fact that an applicant is the relative of an authoritative personality or not. These factors become irrelevant when you integrate AI into your hiring system.

There are times when a recruiter may feel that it’s only fair to qualify someone as the best fit for an opening because they are somehow related to someone influential. These things don’t happen when AI takes over your hiring process.


3) No room for error

Haven’t we all known all our lives that ‘To err is human’? This only means that every human being is capable of making mistakes and errors. But, you cannot say the same for AI. AI is very specifically designed to ensure that it makes no mistakes.

There is a reason why AI has attracted all the buzz in the tech town, and this is it! AI won’t make any hiring mistakes and it won’t land you in heavy costs to make up for those errors either. It’s the most appropriate solution to smoothly carry out the hiring processes.


4) Analytics and Insights

AI and Analytics have been known to deliver insights that generally go unnoticed. Facial recognition captures expressions and body movements while behavioral science takes care of mannerisms and attitudes. These help you understand what attributes of a candidate make him/her a good choice for the job.

You hire the person and the personality, instead of solely qualifications.


5) Perfect Matchmaker

You could name a few sites that can be considered as the ideal matchmaker in the dating world, but in the Hr Tech world, AI is the key player to place all your bets on. AI will back you in finding the right match for your job by running multiple screening and match-making algorithms.

Your candidates will have a seamless experience during and even after the hiring processes are over.

It is safe to say that AI is one of the MVPs in the HRTech arena and will continue to be so until someone can invent something that is more powerful and compelling than AI. Till then, it’s only sane to utilize the functionalities and benefits of AI for removing biases from hiring.

Chandrima Samanta

Chandrima is a Content management executive with a flair for creating high quality content irrespective of genre. She believes in crafting stories irrespective of genre and bringing them to a creative form. Prior to working for MartechCube she was a Business Analyst with Capgemini