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 More and more, we’re experiencing the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming integrated into our daily lives. Chatbots are old news when we consider a space where virtual human technologies… Read more

Although the labor market finally appears to be cooling off, talent acquisition remains a major problem for hiring managers as we enter 2023. While there are 10 million job openings… Read more

Assessment solution provider EduThrill partnered with Lever to integrate its pre-employment assessments solution and enable automatic curation of assessments from EduThrill’s content library with questions across a variety of skills… Read more

Forty-nine percent of employees say they plan to explore new employment options next year, according to new survey data from isolved. Employees see a possible recession as the biggest threat… Read more

Below is my Q&A with GPT 3 about the future of AI in Talent Acquisition.  I’ve chosen to use to automate some of the more interesting parts of the… Read more

iCIMS announced new capabilities to help talent teams gain talent intelligence, automate more tasks and help existing employees to design career opportunities internally. As part of its Fall 2022 Release,… Read more

Unconscious bias can lead to hiring decisions based not on merit or qualifications but on factors such as race, gender or ethnicity.

The economy is continuing to add jobs each month, outpacing the number of job seekers. With record inflation putting strain on recruiting budgets, tech companies need the best tools they… Read more

PandoLogic announced the availability of pandoSELECT, which helps users to attract, engage and manage candidates. pandoSELECT is a bundled solution that combines programmatic job advertising with a candidate management dashboard… Read more

The recent volatile shifts in the labor market have thrown organizations’ traditional people strategy out of the window. As the Great Resignation segues into the Great Rehire, organizations are challenged… Read more

Talview introduced Interview Insights, a solution for what it calls the biggest blind spot in the hiring process – the job interview. The product uses AI to coach interviewers and… Read more

There’s a great bit from the sitcom Seinfeld. The titular character’s friend Elaine bursts into his apartment, and yells, “People” as she slams the door behind her. Jerry then responds,… Read more

A survey by Upwork reveals that by the year 2025—22% of Americans will be working remotely. The COVID regulations have influenced how organizations operate and carry out their routine practices and… Read more

According to the Korn Ferry “Future of Work Talent Crunch” report looking at the talent-supply gap in 20 developed countries, the United States’ financial services sector will miss out on… Read more

Half of American businesses expect to see a reduction in headcount, while 52% predict instituting a hiring freeze, according to PwC. Meanwhile, 44% are rescinding job offers. At the same… Read more

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