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High turnover rates are what keep many recruiters in business. At the same time, dealing with high turnover often requires performing under pressure, so it’s a double-edged sword. While higher… Read more

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What if there was an alternative to LinkedIn? Something that was more akin to Twitter, and less like the static resumes that either are fully baked or so scant you… Read more

Automating your hiring process can seem odd for such a people driven task, however in a digital age with increasing concerns about hiring bias it’s well worth looking into. This does… Read more

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With over 800 million users spread across 200 countries, LinkedIn projects a daily growth rate of two new members joining every second. Taking their exponential growth potential into account, the… Read more

As any experienced headhunter can attest, the best coders are usually the most passionate about their profession. These are the folks who keep their heads down and get things done…. Read more

The job application process is about one thing: facilitating a job application from a candidate who intends to apply for that job and your ATS can improve that experience. The… Read more

The search platform promises to enhance content discoverability and search speed for professionals from across a variety of sectors. This tool is the best of the best when it… Read more

Despite the best intentions of hiring managers, unconscious bias still exists in the recruitment process. A recent Harvard study found employers routinely favored applicants from higher socioeconomic status households and that… Read more

Employees are a significant and essential investment at any organization. Diverse staffing can make a real difference to organizational effectiveness. However, many recruiters do not prioritize workplace diversity during the… Read more

While we’re presently one of the “it” professions, there’s still nothing easy about being a recruiter – or sourcer, talent advisor – or all other variants of our job title…. Read more

LinkedIn Xray Search by Recruitment Geek lets you dramatically speed up your LinkedIn headhunting.  You can easily sift through this database of LinkedIn profiles by combining a host of candidate… Read more

One way businesses can tackle the problem of worker shortages is to establish effective communication channels during the recruitment process. Good communication channels lead to recruiting efficiently. Experts believe that… Read more

Since transitioning to hybrid and remote work models, businesses have failed to conjure the same sense of community demonstrated in the virtue vigil to the master mangaka. MMO players have… Read more

Phenom acquired Tandemploy, a Berlin-based firm that focuses on issues surrounding the employee experience. The acquisition, Phenom said, will enhance its Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform and grow its presence… Read more

For any outreach expert, email validation is one of those things that you can’t skip out on. Your outreach campaign could fall on deaf ears if you don’t weed out… Read more

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