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In an era where data reigns supreme, we’ve gathered insights from seven leaders, including cofounders and CEOs, to explore how predictive analytics powered by AI have reshaped their recruitment strategies…. Read more

Sponsored As Human Resources executives at a financial firm, my team and I are constantly developing out-of-the-box hiring strategies to broaden our talent pipeline. In financial services, it’s time to… Read more

How do you turn a competitive hiring market into not a source of potential burnout, but the ground from which you can thrive and become an even better recruiter? This… Read more

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Virtual meetings are a convenient way to conduct initial interviews. Unfortunately, remote interviews can also increase a recruiter’s vulnerability to cyberattacks. Cybercriminals are always seeking new attack vectors, and one… Read more

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing how human resources professionals approach hiring. From automating tedious tasks to identifying emerging trends, AI software enhances the entire talent acquisition process to bring the most… Read more

Did you know that soft skills dominate job requirements in today’s business landscape? Sure, many employers look for hard skills, whether specialized or technical. However, nothing beats employees with good… Read more

When crafting the perfect job description for an open role, it is obvious to include what tasks a candidate will be expected to perform on the job. However, a candidate’s… Read more

In a rapidly changing job landscape, adaptability and resilience have never been more critical. To explore this, we’ve asked eight recruiters and business leaders to share their insights—from focusing on… Read more

The COVID-19 pandemic may be in our rearview mirrors, but the lasting impacts it has had on a number of industries continues to cause speed bumps along our road to… Read more

Recruitment is no different to sales and marketing. I haven’t changed my position on this since I started writing for this publication over 5 years ago. (See my article here… Read more

Chatbots are an increasingly popular tool in recruiting. They can streamline communication with applicants, answer basic job-seeking questions, automate pre-screening and more, but they can also be expensive. If you… Read more

As leaders grapple with the challenge of creating a more sustainable workforce, we asked top executives and human resources heads to share how they envision climate-conscious hiring contributing to their… Read more

Over the last year, the labor market has taken some unexpected turns – though perhaps not as devastatingly as was originally predicted. As 2024 approaches, understanding these shifts will be… Read more

Whether you’re on the hiring or job seeker side of the talent acquisition process, both parties have a common enemy: the abyss of resumes and interviewed candidates that are neither… Read more

To help you identify leadership potential in your 2024 candidates, we’ve gathered insights from recruiters and HR Managers. From valuing resilience to looking at situations with empathy, here are the… Read more

GEM Recruiting AI

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