In the quest to enhance candidate engagement and refine the selection process, we’ve gathered insights from founders and Heads of Growth on integrating gamification into interviews. From using real-world IT problem-solving scenarios to revealing a candidate’s true skills through interactive games, discover the transformative effects in these four compelling strategies.

Real-World IT Problem-Solving Interviews

We’ve integrated live, broken environments into our IT assessments, providing candidates with real-world problem-solving scenarios reflective of daily engineering challenges. This approach not only ensures that successful candidates are ready to contribute from day one, but also enhances their overall experience.

Candidates often express appreciation for the gamified aspect, likening it to solving a puzzle rather than enduring a traditional interview. As an engineer myself, I understand the preference for hands-on, non-people-facing assessments. Even those who may not secure the position find value in the experience, viewing it as a valuable learning opportunity rather than a time-wasting exercise.

Our innovative hiring method also signals to candidates that we embrace forward-thinking approaches, fostering a culture open to inventive technology and outside-the-box ideas. This improves engagement and positions us as a company at the forefront of creative and effective hiring practices in the IT sector.

Maksym Lushpenko
Founder, Brokee

Interactive Games Assess Cultural Fit

We’ve introduced some gamified elements into parts of our interview process—things like collaborative puzzles or simulated customer scenarios. Our goal is to engage candidates and assess cultural fit, not just skills. These interview ‘games’ make the process more interactive and lower stress.

As a result, engagement is up, offers are more likely to be accepted, and new hires onboard faster and deliver impact sooner. It’s working—when the process is less robotic, we make better decisions on both sides.

Michael Chen
Head of Growth, Notta

Dynamic Process Enhances Candidate Engagement

I have introduced gamified elements into interviews to enhance candidate engagement. This approach transformed the interview experience into a more interactive and dynamic process.

Candidates demonstrated their skills and problem-solving abilities in real-time, leading to more authentic assessments. The gamification aspect significantly increased candidate engagement and provided deeper insights into their capabilities, aiding in more effective and informed selection decisions.

Eric Lam
Head of Business Strategy, Energy Credit Transfer

Gamified Interviews Reveal True Skills

We’ve embraced gamification in our interview process, and it’s been a game-changer. For instance, we introduced a real-time coding challenge, akin to a mini-hackathon, for our developer roles. This not only gauges technical skills but also highlights how candidates perform under pressure and collaborate in team settings.

The impact? Candidate engagement soared. Applicants found this approach more stimulating and insightful than traditional Q&A sessions. It fostered a sense of healthy competition and provided a more authentic showcase of their skills.

On the selection front, it’s been instrumental. This approach helps us observe candidates in action, going beyond what’s on their resumes. We’ve seen a significant increase in our ability to select candidates who are not just technically proficient but also culturally fit and collaborative.

Ankit Prakash
Founder, Sprout24