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In the quest to enhance candidate engagement and refine the selection process, we’ve gathered insights from founders and Heads of Growth on integrating gamification into interviews. From using real-world IT… Read more

In 2019 the Harvard Business Review asked: Should HR teams use AI to assess candidates? With the notion that algorithms could be less biased and more structured in decision-making than… Read more

There is a Chinese curse saying: “May you live in interesting times.” Although seemingly a blessing, it’s used to mean that living in tumultuous times deprives people of their tranquility… Read more

Recruiting top talent is crucial in all sectors of the hospitality industry, and it requires the expertise of a specialist recruitment agency, facilities management and industry professionals to find the… Read more

The role of Human Resources (HR) goes beyond scouting and onboarding talent, or at least it should to increase the department’s value. In today’s competitive job market, it is essential… Read more

Finding the right talent to grow your business is an investment that ought to be measured thoroughly before moving forward. Hiring the wrong individuals can impact a business’s bottom line… Read more

While technical assessments have been common in tech for a long time, take-home assignments have become increasingly popular for all roles in recent years. They’re now a standard part of… Read more

The most essential element of any effective hiring process is its ability to accurately predict how well candidates will perform in certain roles. As recruiters become increasingly focused on measurable… Read more

While it’s not news that recruiting is especially complex at the moment, newly released data from Randstad Sourceright has an interesting (if not entirely shocking) insight: soft skills are in… Read more

McHire, a recruiting platform used by many McDonald’s franchise operators, added an integration with assessment provider Sprockets. The integration is designed to help managers identify who’ll perform like their best… Read more

Recruiting software provider Paradox will acquire Traitify, a mobile-first assessment platform. Terms weren’t disclosed. “Our goal has always been to build a software company that solves real problems for our… Read more

HackerEarth unveiled a new integration between its HackerEarth Assessment tool and LinkedIn Talent Hub. The integration will allow recruiters and hiring managers to screen applicants and create customized coding assessments,… Read more

  “70% of employers believe personality is a key area to focus on when assessing a candidate.” A bad hire can come at a great cost to your company. Not… Read more

If Soft Skills Are So Critical


  Every year, LinkedIn does an annual ‘Global Talent Trends Report’ that is widely read across the industry. The biggest talent acquisition problem that the 2019 report published earlier this… Read more

  Most companies struggle to attract and hire technical talent. While much of this is due to a shortage of capable coders, software developers also possess a unique skill set… Read more

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