Liz Kofman-Burns

Liz Kofman-Burns, Ph.D., is co-founder of the DEI consulting firm Peoplism. She has over a decade of experience studying and implementing high-impact DEI solutions. At Peoplism, Liz and her team partner with companies to measurably increase diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging through strategy, training, and process change. Her work has appeared in Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Inc., TechCrunch, FastCompany, SHRM, and others. Liz has a Ph.D. in sociology from UCLA.

Content authored by Liz Kofman-Burns

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Navigating Take-Home Assignments for Effective and Equitable Hiring


While technical assessments have been common in tech for a long time, take-home assignments have become increasingly popular for all roles in recent years. They’re now a standard part of… Read more

Diversifying Talent Acquisition: Recognizing Potential Across All Candidates


Here’s a difficult reality: White men are often judged on their potential, while women and people of color are judged on their past performance. This discrepancy acts as a barrier… Read more

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