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With many countries experiencing labor shortages, recruiters face a more demanding task than ever — finding the right people, and enough of them, to fill all the empty job openings…. Read more

HireClix launched the Employer Brand Network to help enterprise-level organizations activate, scale and optimize their employer branding campaigns. The technology-enabled solution leverages consumer advertising strategies in order to help talent… Read more

In today’s highly competitive job market, where organizations are constantly vying for top talent, finding the right individuals to join your team can be a challenging and time-consuming task. However,… Read more

In the digital age, a candidate’s online presence can reveal significant red flags. To help you navigate this complex issue, we’ve gathered insights from HR professionals and top executives. From… Read more

Generation Z (Gen Z) is an important workforce portion, so hiring them in the fast-changing talent acquisition industry requires a specialized strategy. Previous generations are less tech-savvy, socially conscious and… Read more

To provide insights on adapting hiring processes for remote work in today’s labor market, we’ve gathered valuable suggestions from CEOs, founders and other leaders. From emphasizing cultural fit in hiring… Read more

Becoming a nurse has always meant choosing a crisis-proof profession. Registered nurses (RNs) work in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, and many other healthcare facilities. In fact, nurses make up one of… Read more

AI-powered resume screening is making life difficult for many job seekers, so they’re looking for ways to get around it. About 42% of large employers use AI hiring support, SHRM… Read more

Is your company maximizing all the information you have at your fingertips to succeed in attracting, retaining and developing your talent? Most organizations, even small ones practice some form of… Read more

The world of work is changing rapidly. New technologies, shifting demographics, and evolving workplace attitudes are disrupting old ways of doing things and forcing organizations to adapt. For recruiters, these… Read more

Research from Stanford University reveals that at least some software solutions used to uncover AI-generated text can discriminate against non-native English speakers. According to the Guardian, tests on seven software products… Read more

To provide you with the most effective employer branding initiatives, we’ve gathered insights from professionals, including employer branding partners, CEOs and founders. From taking the “Teams Way” approach to implementing… Read more

In-person job fairs are still alive and well, and if you’re an HR leader or recruiter looking for top-tier talent, you need to be there and be prepared to make… Read more

HR departments and talent acquisition teams house copious amounts of data from current and prospective employees. Some include fake job applications that target HR departments, known as HR ransomware. With… Read more

Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm and affecting almost every industry. One area where the changes hit hardest is the recruiting and human resources industry. As AI evolves… Read more

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