In the evolving landscape of recruitment and retention, we’ve gathered insights from industry professionals, including marketing managers and recruiters, to share their strategies for leveraging social media in 2024. From collaborating with social media influencers to expanding TikTok recruitment strategies, discover the diverse ways these experts plan to enhance their talent acquisition and engagement efforts.

Showcase Real Company Culture

In 2024, our focus will revolve around showcasing our company culture and the real stories of our team members. We’re planning a series of “day in the life” features on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram, where our employees share their experiences, challenges and the exciting parts of their work.

This strategy came from the understanding that potential recruits and current team members resonate more with authentic narratives rather than polished corporate messaging. It provides a transparent view of what it’s like to be part of our high-performing team.

Additionally, this approach fosters a sense of belonging and pride among current employees, aiding in retention. By leveraging these platforms, we’re not just attracting talent but also building a community that aligns with our values and vision.

Ankit Prakash
Founder, Sprout24

Share Candid Employee Videos

Our recruiting strategy for 2024 will showcase current employees sharing bite-sized video stories on social media—no scripts or polished productions. Just real people talking candidly about why they enjoy working at our company.

As Head of Growth, I want to pull back the employer branding curtain that hides the soul of a company. Aspiring engineers and data scientists can decide for themselves if our mission-driven, ego-checked culture feels like home before even applying.

This inside, no-filter view of life at hasn’t been done much in our space. But I believe sparking an emotional connection through transparency and authenticity will compel more talent who thrive in our environment to join the mission of making AI accountable and impactful.

Michael Chen
Head of Growth, Notta

Establish Employee Advocacy Programs

The ease with which social media postings by executives can assist recruitment efforts is among the most obvious advantages. Regardless of whether you are hiring, job seekers can learn more about your company’s culture and assess whether it’s a good fit for them by looking at your public profile as a leader.

Employee-generated content receives twice as many clicks as company-approved content. Furthermore, content shared by employees is perceived by users as three times more authentic than content shared on the business’ social media accounts.

You can and ought to establish an employee advocacy program for the entire organization, extending beyond the posts you and the other executives make on social media. According to research, organizations with official employee advocacy programs have a 20% higher chance of retaining top talent and a 58% higher chance of attracting them.

Axel Hernborg
Founder and CEO, Tripplo

Utilize LinkedIn for Recruitment

In 2024, we plan to leverage LinkedIn intensively for both recruiting and retention efforts. This platform stands out for its professional networking capabilities, allowing us to showcase our company culture, achievements, and open positions directly to a pool of professionals who have the skills and experience we value. We’ll use targeted content, such as employee testimonials, success stories and insights into our work environment, to attract potential candidates and engage our current team.

Additionally, LinkedIn’s analytics and recruitment tools will enable us to refine our hiring strategy based on real-world data. We chose LinkedIn for its unparalleled access to a wide range of professionals and its robust tools for fostering meaningful connections, making it an indispensable resource in our talent acquisition and retention toolbox.

Jaya Iyer
Marketing Manager, Teranga Digital Marketing LTD

Personalize Storytelling on Social Media

In terms of recruiting and retaining talent in 2024, my goal is to leverage social media, especially personalized storytelling. Authenticity is more important than ever in today’s ever-changing world. I will show off the “human side” of Travel-Lingual by sharing the stories of our team members—their experiences, struggles and successes.

Whether it’s a firsthand account of a team brainstorming meeting or a heartfelt testimonial from someone who just returned from a life-altering trip, these stories will make our brand shine. Why this strategy? In today’s job market, people seek a company with a mission and a culture that connects with them. When we humanize our brand on social media, we’re recruiting like-minded individuals and reinforcing our brand’s core values of transparency and authenticity. This isn’t about selling a job. It’s about inviting people to connect with something important.

In addition, this approach fosters community. Current team members feel proud to share and celebrate their stories, encouraging them to stay longer and be part of the team.

James Smith
Owner, Travel-Lingual

Expand TikTok Recruitment Strategy

I have been pleasantly surprised by the response to my expert HR advice that I previously posted on TikTok. This has motivated me to further expand my TikTok content and use it as a platform to recruit new talent.

While some professionals in my industry may view TikTok as a waste of time, they fail to realize the potential of reaching out to diverse communities, especially in the healthcare space. TikTok provides a free resource that can be utilized to share valuable content and engage with a wider audience. So, why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Alysia Straw, aPHR, SHRM-CP
Recruiter, Springfield Hospital

Collaborate With Social Media Influencers

Use social media influencers. Social media influencers can greatly affect the brand visibility of the company. Since almost everyone is already on social media, marketing campaigns are now usually conducted through these platforms.

A social media influencer can easily make your brand known if they vouch for your products and services. This is especially true if the influencer has a lot of social media followers. Hence, collaborating with social media influencers is much like paying for a TV ad in previous years. They are now the biggest celebrities who can easily influence their followers.

Omer Lewinsohn
General Manager & Marketing Expert,