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LinkedIn introduced new features to its jobs platform, including updates to Job Search, as well as improved accessibility, post scheduling and content analytics. Most notable are changes to LinkedIn’s job… Read more

Finding qualified workers, especially for niche positions, is a significant challenge for recruiters. Companies worldwide invest large sums of money in publishing job ads on well-known job boards, paid promotions… Read more

Digital marketing can be a real asset during your next recruiting drive. You can use digital materials to promote your business, find qualified candidates and outperform your rivals.  Digital recruiting… Read more

A recent survey noted that 75% of companies are reporting talent shortages and difficulty hiring, and these numbers are projected to grow in the coming years. With roughly 1.57 billion… Read more

Leveraging LinkedIn for lead generation is ideal, especially for B2B startups. Not only does the platform provide many opportunities to network, but it also promotes content that’s geared toward professionals…. Read more

Digital transformation is taking shape in every field. As new technology develops to make business processes more efficient, increasing software implementation has become a must for any company that wants… Read more

Passionate. Passionate. Love. Know what those three words have in common? (Hint: this has nothing to do with dopamine, daydreaming, nor dating). It’s all about job descriptions. Passionate job descriptions…. Read more

Tech layoffs spiked in November, said, with 25,000 workers let go in the month’s first half alone. That compares to 12,000 during all of October. Over the past several… Read more

According to a new report from branding agency Brandemix, corporate marketing had finally come around to embracing the idea that employment brand is critical to success, The 6th annual State… Read more

Workers who have a positive experience with a staffing firm during the recruitment process are six times more likely to work with that firm again, according to Bullhorn’s GRID Talent… Read more

To help you identify recent creative recruiting advertisements, we asked marketing professionals and business leaders for their best observations.

What’s one tip for that would help someone looking to become a recruiter? That’s what we asked a group of career coaches, experienced recruiters and HR leaders. From learning to… Read more

Scheduling platform provider Calendly acquired Prelude, a business that focuses on automated scheduling and organizational tools used in talent acquisition. The company said the merger will help recruiting teams and… Read more

One of the numerous business areas that has undergone transformation in the past few years is recruitment. It can be challenging to stay up with business since it moves so… Read more

Phenom expanded its platform to include personalized solutions for HR leaders and HRIS teams, building on its single platform for candidates, employees, recruiters and hiring managers. New features include a… Read more

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