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With an economic downturn seemingly on the horizon, many people are wondering how the labor market and work will be changed as a result. While the answer is up in… Read more

Today’s modern workforce includes four primary generations— Gen Zs, Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers. The multigenerational workforce is one of the four main trends shaping talent acquisition in the coming years… Read more

Employment brand and branding strategies are critical to success, including success in your recruitment and hiring methods. But, how does your language impact your brand’s position on gender and hiring?… Read more

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As recruiters, hiring managers, and sourcers, it is important to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace. One way to do this is by understanding and embracing the experiences of the… Read more

Paycor Smart Sourcing is a platform that helps users find and engage talent, a task that is growing ever more difficult with the current state of the market. The product… Read more

It’s been a tough time lately. From necessary and empowering shifts like zero tolerance for toxic work cultures to the great resignation and even greater layoffs, “job security” is hardly inevitable. The… Read more

Companies hiring are always looking for a way to get an edge on the competition. One of the best ways to do this is by screening applicants’ social media profiles… Read more

Referral partnership programs have become increasingly popular ways for recruiters to obtain new clients. This phenomenon has grown due to the increased demand for trusted referrals, as well as the… Read more

Recruiters should remember that, while ChatGPT offers an answer for certain recruiting challenges, it isn’t the answer. 

Internal mobility can be a beneficial part of a companies workforce planning. Especially now as people prepare for the possibility of an economic downturn, upskilling and reskilling employees can be… Read more

With fewer resources and capabilities than larger corporations, small firms have a harder time finding people. Outbound recruiting is a proactive strategy to help them. To assist small firms in… Read more

While honoring Black Americans this February, it’s good for employers to check in with what they’re doing to support Black workers. However, it’s also a good time to understand the employment… Read more

Is upskilling the solution to hiring challenges for employers? Many believe it is. Would rage applying or quiet quitting be trending if employers were investing in the lives (and ultimately… Read more

Location-based compensation is a practice from the past that has to go. Let’s say it right from the beginning, straight up. We all know that the cost of living differs… Read more

With more digital technology in the business world than ever, it’s no surprise that malicious actors will do whatever they can to scam someone. Unfortunately, one major target for scammers… Read more

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