Frieda-Marie de Jager

Frieda-Marié de Jager is the Melbourne-based Senior Content Marketing Editor for SelectSoftware Reviews — the authority on top solutions and vendors in the HR Tech space. She writes about technical subjects, including corporate compliance, workplace issues, and customs law. She holds a BTech degree in design and is a published short story author in her homeland, South Africa. Frieda is an avid content strategist, editor, writer, and graphic designer. In addition, she develops online learning material and has led world-class design and marketing teams. On weekends you can find her building Lego with the family or whipping up a storm in the kitchen.

Content authored by Frieda-Marie de Jager

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The Benefits and Process of TRUE Skills-Based Hiring


Modern jobs are dynamic. A person with all the proper credentials today may find that their role has significantly changed five years later. Take marketing as an example. A person… Read more

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